Tuesday, 9 September 2014


Not too long ago, probably six or seven years to be exact, many in my A Level college went crazy on blogging. Most people had a blog or two, writing about a variety of topics, ranging from their travel journals, to complains about life, or just random ramblings here and there.

Too bad, slowly over the years, in the second or third year of university, more and more of them started to stop writing. It has been a waste really, having started on something and just stopped it mid-way, not because they don't have anything to write, but probably they have grown out of it. 

Friends come and go, as everyone else. Closeness comes from mutual interaction, usually in person. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the more popular means these days, but I do crave to read what my friends are writing about their lives. Posts on Facebook tend to be short and less serious, while those on Twitter are even shorter than Facebook. Instagram meanwhile, as all of you may know, mostly for food photos, selfies and the likes.

To me, I see writing as a personal mark on somewhere. We live our day to day life and probably won't even remember what happen now, say in five years ahead. When I have got the time, I sometimes browse through the past posts of my own blog, and my friends, and reminisce over the past that won't come back. One day, we all will die and leave everything behind. At the very least, when our family and close friends miss our presence, they could still have something to read on and ponder upon.

History is fascinating, and to those who are reading this, do try to keep on writing again.  

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