Wednesday, 23 July 2014


The bottom of one's heart, could not been seen from outside. They can only see what we choose to let them see. From smile they see happiness, from tears they see sadness, from the shape of one's face, others see oneself.

There could never be a worse tragedy. Not something at this grand scale. When one truly see and feel, one attains something different from oneself.

Every man and woman is different. Every boy and girl is different from one another. For one man, one thing suits him. For another, another thing suits him. There was never any conventionality about anything.

Humanity strive on an orderly system of everything from the bottom to the top. There are cultural, religious or just purely bullshit consensus of one should act given a situation.

Whilst there is a definite need for specific codes, but they must have strong reasonings behind them.

When one willfully does something, one does with one's wholeheartedly desire to act. One does not do anything for the purpose of nothing.

One chooses, and one does. One loves, and one chooses to love. There is no compulsion in anything, but remember true love survives anything.

Times could be hard, challenging indeed. At all times one has never wavered. One has one and only motive. None others than to love you.

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