Thursday, 3 April 2014


When we are growing up, slowly we know more about the world around us, bit by bit we learn about what is right and wrong. While some of the values that are instilled into us come from the school, our parents and those around us, there are others that we still have to think about them on our own. Voltaire had once said that "common sense is not so common", after all. 

Undoubtedly there are matters that are wrong, despite being widely practised by many. Case in point, discrimination against those who are different from us. Deep inside we know that it is inappropriate to treat others with differently just because they are different from us in some ways. Nevertheless, we still do it, whether willingly or not.

The guides that have been bestowed upon us are not enough on their own. We need to think about all around us, and formulate the best options possible. Ethics is not something solidly written in black and white, it is fluid, often changing, depending on situations. At every moment, we have to think about the righteousness of the things that we do.

Descartes said, 

Cogito ergo sum, 

Je pense, donc je suis,
I think, therefore I am,
I think, therefore I exist.

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