Saturday, 9 November 2013


A formal writing is different from an informal one. The former is often long-winding, filled with jargons, and boring. Meanwhile, the latter tends to be easy-going, simple and straight forward.

It is a challenge to write formally, and be easily understood by readers. Often, beautiful prose would come at a cost of too long a paper. If we cut too much details, it would then look out of place, jumpy and odd.

But if we explain too much, the reader starts losing interest and ignoring most of the content.

After reading “The Book on Writing” by Paula LaRocque, I have started to notice many people love to use long sentences. They put “comas”, “ands”, “buts”, and many other connector words.

The problem is, once a sentence has more than 20 words or so, it becomes vague. The reader would be confused and has to read more than once to understand. That’s undesirable, as a good writing shouldn’t be confusing and boring.

A beautifully written prose, should be short, easy to understand, and elegant. Trim all the fats, and leave only the important details.

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