Sunday, 20 October 2013


When I was in the UK, my housemates and I took turns to cook everyday. Eating out was a rare luxury as we could hardly afford it. Breakfast was often a bowl of cereal with milk. For lunch, I usually bought the lunch-box that was sold in the prayer hall. Dinner was when we ate together.

I had fun learning how to cook. It was not easy at first, to get a hang of it. But soon enough, I had little problems cooking nasi lemak, nasi ayam, and nasi goreng, among others.

Cooking is fun, but the cleaning part? Hmmm, not so much. Lately, I have been thinking to stop eating out too often. As of now, I eat out everyday, for every meal.

After the recent fuel hike, some hawkers took the opportunity to increase their prices. The food has become not only overpriced, but also oily, has little to no vegetables.

So I guess, it would be great for me to start cooking again. After all, not only it’s healthier, but also kind on the pocket.

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