Thursday, 31 October 2013


When I was in the primary school, I could hardly speak, write nor understand English. I often got grade D for English from standard one to standard five. I did well for all other subjects, but failed to get the first place in the class because of English.

In standard six, there was a new English teacher. Everybody was afraid of her, as she was strict in teaching. All homework must be finished on time, and we were encouraged to go for tuition at her place during weekends. A big thank you to her, from that point onwards, I have improved my English a lot.

I went to an orphanage twice this month, to help the kids with their homework. Last week I taught maths to a girl, and this week I had an English session with two kids. I went through a short English paragraph with them, explaining the meaning of each words in a simple manner.

I found it hard to explain about the tenses; present, past and future.  I reckon it is difficult enough for them to memorise new English words, let alone understanding seemingly disconnected words.

Eg: go, goes, going, gone, went.

They do not even understand what “before” and “after” mean, so how do I explain to them about the tenses? Hmmmm, I need to look for a better teaching method for them.

I was once, just like them. It does seem to me like a small miracle, to have tremendously improved over all these while.

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