Friday, 30 August 2013

The Book On Writing: Lesson 1

Any writing should be clear, concise, purposeful, warm and interesting. Writers should try to keep the sentences short and easy to understand. Besides, use more active sentences than passive ones.

Example 1:

Prompted in part by a new anti-smog law that is boosting business’ demand for better service, a major reassessment that could lead to big changes in the county’s public transportation is beginning. 


Local leaders want to make it easier for county residents to get around without their cars.

Source: The Book on Writing, by Paula LaRocque


In less than a week, it would have been 2 years since I have started working with this company. Over the time, I have grown to realise that in my line of duty, it is very important to be able to communicate clearly. I do have to read, write and give presentation quite frequently.

Therefore, I want to make myself understandable to the audience. I don’t want them to feel boring, lose interest, and daydream when reading my reports and listening to my presentations.

A few days ago, I randomly looked for books on “writing” on Amazon Kindle Store, and I found this book. After flipping through a few pages of the sample, I think I clearly need to improve more on my writing. 


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