Tuesday, 27 August 2013


I wonder what makes a man feels lazy in doing his everyday’s task. Where does procrastination comes from, or the feeling of demotivated? What makes us change, for the better or worse?

Formerly regular things that I have stopped doing: Facebook, reading, writing, deep thinking.

Well now, I think I can live without Facebook, but I do waste my time doing other things, like reading gadget and car blogs, participating in Lowyat forum, or playing Red Alert 2 on my laptop.

I reckon, I always make excuses to not do something that is more productive. Hmmmm, habit is a hard thing to change. But as I have proven that, living without Facebook is possible, so perhaps I could hone some other good habits, and leave the bad ones.

Tried to quit smoke, but gaaaah it is too hard. :(

Time is essential, and perseverance.

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