Thursday, 25 July 2013

Politicians in corporate Malaysia

I don’t have any qualms with any politicians being put in place to take helm of any big government linked companies, so long as they have the calibre and the skills to do so.

But looking at the recent appointments by Najib, I can’t help but to feel very disappointed. How on earth does it make sense for someone with no appropriate corporate background, having spm as his highest qualification, to be given a job as a chairman of an investment company; Tabung Haji?

Are you kidding me? Is there nobody else capable of doing the job? You lament about the fact that many Malaysians seek greener pastures elsewhere, but you fail to realise that it’s your very own policies and actions that encourage them to do so.

Reform the institutions, put meritocracy above selective discrimination. Nobody would be mad if the right people are given the opportunity to do what they know best.

It is quite a sad fact to see that still many Malaysians could not succumb to temptation of squashing critique at every chance possible. Many are expected to remain silent, and those who speak up have to bear the cost of being overly vocal, being rude in their eyes.

No wonder we are stuck in middle income trap.

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