Thursday, 25 July 2013


I wish 6 years from now, I would be able to make enough money for me to not be worried about working anymore. And I can just choose to work in whatever jobs that give me the best satisfaction, without having to care about the monetary compensation.

I have started to slowly realise while money is important in life, there are far greater things that can make us feeling at ease with whatever we have.

There is definitely no easy way to be financially independent, but it is not impossible. Opening up a business is one thing, but I don’t really have much experience nor passion, in running one.

I have yet to find something that I really enjoy doing, with the feeling of looking forward to everyday of the work life might bring to me. I guess I still need to keep experimenting until I find something I would not put off doing, all day, every day.

A little experiment, done consistently may bring me to realise what I can actually achieve. Till then, I shall not stop trying and looking forward of new ways to do things.

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