Tuesday, 28 May 2013


A human may be measured on many different scales. Some like to do it this way, while others prefer to do it the other way, and despite the fact that no absolute clarity exists in defining which one is better than the other methods, many still hang on to the fact their point of view is what, that should be considered as the right one.

There are those who can sing, act but cannot do other things. Or there are those who are capable to be doctors, engineers and politicians, but lack the empathy so well ingrained within some poor folks in the countryside. Since absolute good in everything is impossible, we shall try our best in what we know best, and leave other things to be taken care of by someone else.

An exam is coming in a few days time, and I am pretty sure that I would absolutely fail this one. Nonetheless, I couldn't care less about it and just trying my best to learn new knowledge from the books. I may not be a CFA charterholder, but well, that is not everything in financial industry, is it? A title is just a title, but my work will shall what my brain is worth. 


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