Thursday, 2 May 2013

600 Hours of Edward, a review

Edward, a man in his early forties, lives alone in a house given by his father. He was different from anybody else, in a striking way, as he is mentally disabled, he has a condition called OCD(Google it).

He never asked to be born that way, he can't help to do things that he reckons to be perfectly within the bound of reason, but they actually annoy others around him. He

Everyday of his life, he recorded the time that he wakes up, the temperature of the day, and he watches the same TV series every night. Every week, he sees a therapist to help him cope with his life.

He thinks that his parents hate him, he yearns for the love from his dad who are often cold with him. He can still vividly remembers the time when his father used to enjoy spending time with him, when he was yet to be shut out of his own family.

And thereupon, one day he met a boy and his mom. One thing led to another, and he thinks to himself if it was ever the right decision to open up himself to other people.

Now that he can see how people can sometimes be nice to him, but at other times can be pretty nasty too. It makes him wonder if he should just rather be all by himself.


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