Monday, 15 April 2013


There are times when one is disappointed with oneself, there are times that when things do not got as what one thinks they will. There are times that bad things just would not go or wither away. One walks by oneself, sings some unsung lullabies, and talks to an invisible figure. Perhaps one has gone mad, but one had been worse, so one knows one is not, at least yet.

There are times, when one reckons to just go as far as the eyes could see, and to just disappear. There are times that one just feel like shutting oneself, and not caring about anything. But then, one remembers and be reminded of the forgotten tomorrow. 

There are those, who look upon one as if one does not feel anything, or showing remorse concern to what is going on. Only if they could peek through the inside of oneself, then they would know. 

One listens, and one reckons, of the days to come, and the days that will shine. 

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