Sunday, 31 March 2013


In this coming Malaysia's election, it would be the first time for me to vote. Nonetheless, I have voted during 2010 British election, when I was still back in Coventry. Britain has got this peculiar rule that allows citizens of Commonwealth countries, who live in Britain, to vote there. So there you go, I have voted once in other country, before I even had the chance to vote in Malaysia.

Rumours are floating on the internet, that an election would be held soon. But till now, the Parliament has yet to be dissolved, paving the way for a great deal of uncertainties for many. I reckon, it would be much simpler to just rather stick to a fixed date for election, every five years. That way, it would make things easier for so many of us Malaysians, to well plan our programs, so as to not coincide with the big event.

I am still a liberal socialist at heart, albeit not so active, unlike before. I would like to vote for a government that is simply better for everyone. I want to have a just government, less corruption, one that allows a free media to disseminate news for all. For this reason, I have chosen to vote Pakatan. I honestly think BN would still win this election. The can easily fool the Malaysians from the countryside. Nonetheless, I would wanna have a stronger opposition in the Parliament, to ensure that BN would work harder for Malaysians from all walk of life.

For BN, there is still a lot be done. You have got to break the government & its cronies' monopoly on the media, be fair to oil producing states, and treat every state fairly. It is entirely unbecoming to discriminate Kelantan, just because the people choose to vote PAS for more than 20 years now. You are the Federal government, it is your responsibility for the things under the federal list that have been agreed in the constitution. You have got to play politics with balls, not like a bunch of cowards, not willing to undertake responsibilities that are bestowed with.

For PR, to promise things that can make people happy, would surely attract lots of votes. But bear in mind to be realistic in your projection. You can fool people who don't know a thing or two about the things that you said, but there is still a lot more to be improved in that regard. It is easy to criticise the things that the government has done, but to come out with a realistic proposal by yourself, that is a challenge. 

I would like to see a better future for both BN and PR, for a better Malaysia. The one who fails to reform would see their share of the votes being eroded, especially amongst the savvy young Malaysians. We are not so stupid, to just believe whatever you say. 

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