Saturday, 2 February 2013


If there is something that I have yet quite not been able to deal with, is me procrastinating. I often like to delay doing things up until to the very last minute. There is a need for me to address this problem, to make myself do things in a more systematic manner. 

One more thing, is that I often say that I will do something, but eventually breaking my own promises. I still remember quite vividly when I first when to the philosophical classes, I promised myself to write about any philosophical topic every week. hahaha, fail! I promised myself to read one book every week, again fail! I also promised to study Latin & CFA every day, fail again!

Gaaah, there must be a way to make my promises binding, you know like if I were to break them, then something bad will happen. Should I consider fining myself or something. Hmmmm...

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