Sunday, 24 February 2013


There was a time, when the clock seemed unmoved, when the presence of others meant nothing, when the rain often delivered the cold breeze, and the winter conveyed a sorrow loneliness. There was a place, where the words aren't ugly, where there was a sight of nothing but a sheer beauty, where differences meant little, where similarities were disregarded, where the man is valued upon what he really was.

There was a man, crying in a room, when the snow was falling outside, when the coldness and the numbness hit him to the core. There he was, pondering about the life that the Lord has graced upon him. There was a time, when he was weak and succumbed to the misery of life. Indeed, he was helpless, even to himself. 

The past is now over, the present is what that matters, and the future is something that he can change. 

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