Thursday, 24 January 2013

Food & plane

I dont know why but i quite like the food being served on the plane, regardless of the airline. Often a similar food tastes entirely different on land. Perhaps it has got to do with the air pressure and the hunger. Or perhaps simply the atmosphere makes it tastes more delicious. I dont really fancy travelling on plane, especially when it is more than two hours. It is very tiring and time consuming, more so when you are on a short, one night work trip.

I am just back from Kuching, and am pretty tired. I would just wanna get into my bed and doze off really quickly. But it is raining right now, and i have to get to the office first for my keys and bike are still there.

If the rain has not stopped by the time i get there, i am gonna be stuck in the office for quite a while. I really need to buy a car. Hmmmm...

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