Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Yesterday, I watched "the perks of being a wallflower" with several of my mates. I had read the book in May this year, and have decided to reread it again, and improvise my imagination when reading the book with the scenes from the movie. 

It was a very honest book, too honest perhaps. There were some of the scenes that I found really moving. There are many things that I could relate to Charlie. Back then in my school days, I didn't have any close friends really. Usual friends, yeah aplenty, but there was nobody that I would call a close friend, apart from my best friend that I met once in a while during school breaks. 

When I got into KYUEM, in the first year I felt really lonely. Most of the times I went everywhere, all on my own. I didn't really have any friends to hang out with, and I still quite remember during the end of the term dinner for my first year there, it really sucked to be honest. Everyone else were laughing with their mates, taking pictures, sharing jokes and so on, while I sat all by myself, surrounded by those who didn't want to talk to me anyway. 

The second year was perhaps better, as I grown a little smarter and had then be able to make a few close friends that I could hang out with. 

Come to think of it, life was a little depressing to be honest. 

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  1. 我很想念你,我想成为你的朋友。永远。 :)