Monday, 3 December 2012


What is it that you want in life,
that they may be so unforgiving,
what is it that you see in life,
that yourself seems hardly living.

The rain pours onto the land,
bringing new crops to life,
the rain pours onto your hand,
will it bring you to life?

They all seem joyful,
no sadness, no pitiful,
but is it all that there is?

Oh, what a vain life,
that you have got there,
only happiness that you care,
nothing else, you bother to dare.

Indeed, you are vain,
indeed, you are to blame.
for everything, all the flame,
and the flood, and the rain.

-Nazri Awang, 8.50pm, 1 December 2012, Desa Pandan.

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