Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Learning Latin: Lesson 2

I think I really like learning Latin using this book called Lingua Latina: Familia Romana. This book emphasises on the natural language acquisition technique, as everything in there is written in Latin. The book starts with some very simple phrases and gradually increases the difficulty, so that the student can learn at his own pace. The grammar as well as the vocabulary lessons are all in Latin, forcing you to think in the language as you learn it. I mean, how different is that, from all those language classes that I have attended?

Typical language lessons would firstly focus on the grammatical rules as well as the vocabulary before delving into translating phrases into the intended language. This natural technique do away with the demotivating routine of understanding meticulous rules, but rather by starting with the simple sentences just like what you can see below. Then gradually, the difficulty level is raised bits by bits, so as to give the learner a natural immersion into the language. This is how we acquire our mother tongue.

We were not given grammatical lessons in our first few years after we were born. Our parents talk to us in their language, and we slowly get to understand it, by being able to detect the pattern, understand the simple phrases, connecting the new words, and progressively improving ourselves through repetition of simple routines.

Only after we enter the school, that we start to learn about all the rules, standard pronunciations, and how sentences should be formed. 

Roma in Italia est. - Rome is in Italy. Italia in Europa est. - Italy is in Europe. Graecia in Europa est. - Greece is in Europe. Italia et Graecia in Europa sunt. - Italy and Greece are both in Europe. Hispania quoque in Europe est. - Spain is also in Europe. Hispania et Italia et Graecia in Europa sunt. - Spain, Italy and Greece are all in Europe. 

Lingua Latina, Familia Romana: page 1 

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  1. Bagus bagus belajar bahasa yang mereng ni. Susah ooo... takpa takpa jom kita lawan boelh dak hang master language ni.

    By bulan 8, kita tengok sapa dah boleh sampai level conversation. tapi kau compare aku dengan french,italian, mandarin, german, spanish aaaaa