Friday, 23 November 2012


Only if the eyes could see,
only if the ears could listen,
only if the heart could understand,
the skin, is all but a rubbish,

When the sun has set,
when the moon is up,
the gleaming stars,
seemingly not so distant.

And yet, they are far,
far away from the grasp,
but only of him,
not of anybody else.

There is something in the air,
something not quite there,
something he's never too sure of,
something he never will.

If only they would understand,
if only the stars would comprehend,
if only the moon gives its blessing,
if only everything is not what it is.

Always, and always,
he will be in the sea,
swallowed by the ocean,
drowned in the salt,
never to appear,
till the wave is no more. 

- Nazri Awang, 6.14pm, 23 November 2012, Jalan Tun Razak

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