Sunday, 14 October 2012


I started to blog on 24 May 2007, more than 5 years now. It was the trend of the day back then, when almost all my mates at college started to have blogs. But, gradually most of them stopped writing not too long after that. You know when a person blogs, not for the sake of anything else but rather passion, when he doesn't stop writing even when people stop reading what he wrote.

Sometimes when I have got nothing to do, I just browsed through my past posts. Sometimes I cry and laugh over them, to see how far have I transformed in some regards, but how little have I changed in some others.

Writing a personal blog, is like documenting your own life. You might have forgotten what had happened four years ago, on a particular date, but the words that you had written remains where they are. It's like writing a letter to your future selves, to talk to them about what you feel and think at different times.

When you want to talk to someone, it is not often that you have the opportunity to do so. But when you have a blog, you can choose to write in it, with no obligation to please anyone. You write whatever you want to let out, be it true, lies, hyperboles or metaphors.

Such a freedom in writing, not much in talking. :)

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