Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I love it when I am really tired, because I am able to sleep anywhere without any problem at all. Last night after teaching, I had dinner alone and watched "Supernatural" on TV3. I switched off the telly and played with my phone on the couch on our living room. I fell asleep there, and only woke up this morning at 5. The windows were not closed, and mosquitoes were flying around, and bit me and some places. But I didn't realize about it all, I was too tired to be bothered. I woke up, because my neck felt a little pain from my not so ergonomic position of sleeping.

Actually, I am just tired to teach anymore, really. I don't have time for me to just lie down and do nothing. I often have to teach during weekends and weekdays nights. Perhaps next year, I am just going to stop teaching altogether.

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