Wednesday, 10 October 2012


There is something that I like being a complete unknown in the companion of strangers, in a new strange place. It feels like being a small kid, being thrown into a new world.

Everything seems so new, so intriguing, so fascinating. The museums, art galleries, eating places are waiting to be explored. The strangers conversing with each other in a strange language, that I can't seem to understand, but merely try to imagine what they're talking about, from their gestures.

The universality of human, comes from their gestures, and their inside. Outward appearance may differ from one to another, the culture & living style may not be entirely compatible to others. But the smile, the tears, and emotion of joy, transcend everything else.

I want to go back home, lie on the beach, read books with a cuppa tea, while listening to the warm, alive wave of the sea hitting the white, beach sand.

There's something in the salty smell of the ocean that I like. Every now and then, the seashore changes, some garbages being floated off the sea to somewhere else. And the wave changes its emotions according to the time of the year.

And every morning, the sun appears from the horizon, erasing the darkness of the night, and unwanted nightmares. The sun shines through the day, when the farmers work through their vast tobacco estates.

There is something in a rural life that I like. Peaceful, not much money but not much trouble either.

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