Friday, 12 October 2012


I have always been fascinated by the kindness of strangers without expecting anything in return. In being utterly unselfish, for me it elevates the person to be someone of a higher moral.

When I hitchhiked from Calais to Paris, two eastern Europeans stopped and picked me up in their van, when they saw me waving the "Paris" sign at the road side. I had been waiting for about an hour or so at the highway rest area in the middle of nowhere, after a nice Belgian guy dropped me off, there.

Hitchhiking alone, was definitely the highlight of my three year stay in Europe. I brought a journal, and I wrote whenever I was too tired to walk, lost, or got an epiphany about something. Everything was in a foreign language, and I could hardly speak to anyone clearly with nothing but a phrase book and a mini dictionary.

I observed the strangers, and not having someone to talk with, I thought about life a lot. The things that I encountered made me think and relate about the life that I had. I saw Paris, not merely as the city of love, but the place where I learnt more about being human. The place where I saw the interesting tales of the rich and the very poor, the European Muslims, the immigrants, the gypsy folks.

There was also this one time, I took a no 12 bus from Coventry to Hearsall Common. There was a lady, got into the bus before I managed to exit. She counted her coins but didn't have enough money for the fare. She looked a bit frustrated about the situation, and I searched for some money in my pocket and gave it to her. She was a bit surprised by that, and said thank you to me.

I got out of the bus, and waited for it to pass, to cross the road to my home. And there she was, in the bus, sitting next to the window with the most honest smile in her face, with a gesture of gratitude that I could not forget.

Right there, I felt a butterfly in my stomach. I felt very happy about the whole thing.

To ponder about life, is something that I love doing, and I shall not stop doing that.

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