Thursday, 11 October 2012


For the first 11 years of my life, the only places that I have ever been to, were in Kelantan and Terengganu.  Not too long before I had my UPSR exam, I sat for an IQ and English test, and fortunately passed them to get into Kolej Ilmu.

The offer came a bit late to be honest, I was quite demotivated having to wait, for so long. When the letter of acceptance came through, my mother helped me packed my bags. My uncle and aunt, bought some new clothes for me. I was quite excited as it would be the first time I get into Pahang.

My parents didn't have a car, so my dad and I waited for the bus that was provided by PNB at Dungun bus station. On the way to Kuantan, not too long afterwards the bus stopped for lunch. There was this friend of mine, he rarely took a bus before this, and threw up plenty of times throughout the journey.

A few hours later, we arrived at Kuantan. The college was located right next to the Kuantan river, just beside the bridge to Tanjung Lumpur. The rumors said that there were people who killed themselves by jumping from the bridge into the river. The place was called Asrama Semai Bakti, and it was actually being rented from Felda.

We were greeted by a few senior students there, and were briefed about a few things. Each student was given a room to be shared with three others. At the back of the residential block, there was a big water tank. Some of the elder students went there and had cigarette, safe from the watchful eyes of the school warden.

If I remember it correctly, in the first few weeks I was there, I was so sad because I had never really been away that far from my mum. Plus, at that time I did not really have any friends yet. But gradually, I get used to being there, all by myself and away from my family.

There was this one time, a senior student asked me to wash his shirt, but I was not gonna bow myself and did something that I did not want to. I took his shirt, ran away and threw it into the drain. I was not a boy that would let himself be easily bullied by someone else. At that time, I really thought he was gonna hit, punch me in the face or something, but he did not. He just scolded me, I reckoned I got lucky that time.

I had some awful mystical experience at that place. There was a time, I sleep-walked and got into the shower room. When I was in my teens, I sleep-walked often enough that my mum made sure that all the doors are locked, to make sure that I did not get out of the house. When she came to visit me, she often asked my friends to have theirs eyes on me at night. My friends on the other hand made fun of my situation, there was a time that one of them asked me about 4-digits lottery number while I was sleep-walking, and sleep-talking. Later, the next morning he told me that I gave him the number, and punched him in the face afterwards. I laughed so hard, because I couldn't remember doing all that.

One day, I woke up pretty early, had a shower, wore kain pelikat and baju melayu to go to the surau for subuh prayer. Many other students were still sleeping at the time, I suppose it was at 5.30 am or something. I walked down the stairs and continued through the hallway. I felt something different, and I turned my head to the right. Utterly shocked, I saw a body walking towards me, and its hands were making a "come to me" gesture. It was still dark, I was stunned, my heart raced so fast, I was so afraid that I cannot move myself and that thing will come nearer to me.

In no time, I quickly ran up the stairs and found another senior who just woke up as well. I told everything to him. Good Lord, it was such a nightmare and I was scared as hell, since I reckoned that was the first time I saw something like that.

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