Friday, 7 September 2012


I think I really enjoy teaching. The satisfaction that I get when my students understand what I teach them, is so overwhelmingly nice. The first teaching job that I got was when I volunteered myself to teach maths to a class at a school in my hometown. It was quite an experience to handle a group of 30 people. I am a teacher, who don't know how to show my anger to the students. So, when less people turned up to my class, obviously I felt disappointed. I thought to myself, my teaching must be really boring and they didn't really understand anything that I was saying. 

I honestly wanted to help them, to at least get something and do a lot better in their SPM exam. But when they, can't be bothered to help themselves, who am I to preach anything to them? I didn't like to do so, because when I was at their age, those advices from the elderly were clearly more annoying (to me, back then), that helpful. 

So, when I got a student who was very lazy at the beginning, but now that he has started to change and do his homework, Good Lord I feel awfully happy. :)

Making a difference in someone's life, really does bring that little butterfly in your stomach. That little happiness, however insignificant it is, still make a difference. 

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