Wednesday, 12 September 2012


What is that, when you start to get bored with your life? Hmmm, it's like everything that you do is a plain routine, and everyday seems the same. You have lost track of what date it is, and the only thing that you now if whether tomorrow is a weekday, and you should turn up to the office. The first thing that you do when you arrive at the office is to switch on your pc, grab some breakfast and smoke. Then, browsing through Bloomberg and finish up the daily monitor.

Come 10 am, you go downstairs to take a puff yet again, go out for lunch at 1pm with your mates. At 6pm or so, when you feel tired, you go back home, have dinner, watch movie or teach tuition or hang out with friends. By 12am or so, you will then start to get sleepy and go to bed. The day will be spent, doing the same thing, all day everyday.

When the weekend comes, you'd hope to do something different, but you know it is all the same, again and again. And you start to wonder, how to make your life more interesting when you've got to go through the same routine for another 7 years..

what a boring life...

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