Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Reading Material

I do realize that in order to become a good writer, I need to read a lot more books and articles that challenge my views and thoughts about everything. Just to share with you, my daily reading materials:

1. The Economist
I often try to finish reading all articles for this weekly newspaper, and some daily updates on its numerous blogs. I like its use of a very laymen language, encompassing issues that actually matter to the world. I try hard to emulate this style in my economics report, as I want my readers to understand what I am trying to deliver, not to bore them to death. :p_

2. The New Yorker
This magazine provides me with plenty of frequently provocative and interesting read on current issues. I particularly LOVE the section for books and culture.

3. The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph
I mainly use these two to keep myself updated with what's happening on the financial markets. I find Bloomberg News to be a little dry, too technical and not to my liking, whereas BBC News business section is not as frequently updated as compared to them two.

I always give the same excuse to myself, that I don't have enough time to do much on reading books, but it is just really about making the time for what we think is important, is it not? :)

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