Tuesday, 25 September 2012


This morning, I went to Kuantan with my colleague for a presentation to our clients. The town seems just like when I left it 7 years ago. After exiting the east coast highway, we passed my alma mater, SMK Astana. I don't quite realize that I have left the place for so long now. After I have bought a car, my plan would be to visit my teachers who are still there.

We went to Tanjung Lumpur to have lunch at a grilled fish restaurant over there, but unfortunately all of them were closed and only open during the evening I guess. Heading to KL at 1pm, I was just so tired, with my back and my neck hurts a bit, from being at the backseat of the Fortuner. 

I wanted just to sleep, so exhausted but my head is not sleepy. How?

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