Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Colors come in many guises, in yellow, blue, green, red and so on. Yellow reminds me of my primary school years, as I was often put in the yellow sport house. It was my favorite color when I was small. I like the brightness of yellow, it signifies the spirit of life, the determination to shine, the sun, the summer, the youth and the beauty of the flower; the sunflower.

I don't really like blue, especially dark blue. It is so gloomy, dark, and reminds me of the bleak winter, the unhappy days, the rain, the cloud and the sea waves, that wreak anything under the sun; tsunami.

I like green, almost all shades of green. It represents the vitality of life, the greenery of the countrysides, the healthy way of living, the way to connect more with nature, to live humbly and to be selfless.

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