Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pursuit of happiness

In the midst of everyday's life, sometimes one just tend to forget what matters and what doesn't. In getting what one wants, sometimes one is willing to even take the extra miles, of forgoing one's philosophy.

One asks around, and wonders how some people are able to reconcile differences in what one preaches or believes in, and what one actually practices. Some say that they would rather just not to think about it, and continue with their life as if, all of that is not important.

One wonders if one can really do that. One can't stop thinking, and pondering about what one has read, done and said.

The pursuit of happiness, differs as to what one really wants to base one's wishes upon. What's conventional may not be what one really wants after all. But choosing to be different, or rather born to be different does not necessitate betrayal of one's philosophy.

One must do according to what one believes in. One must not feel unhappy over things that one has no control for, as everything else are indeed under one's will. One cannot possibly live, just like anybody else. One cannot possibly be happy, but if through despair, can make one writes really well, then so be it.

One only wants to be a great writer, one does not want anything or anyone else. One is content to be by oneself until the end of one's life.

One only wants to be remembered by the world from one's works, that can benefit humanity.
Apart from that, one is okay, though one is never and can never be.

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