Saturday, 18 August 2012


The desire to do something comes from the reason underlying the act, from the satisfaction that is gained from doing it.

One eats to keep on living, to satisfy one's body with sufficient nutrients so that one is capable to do other things.

One wear clothes to keep one's modesty, to hide one's imperfection, to keep one warm during the cold weather, or comfortable in a hot climate, to dry all the sweats, to make one looks like a king or a queen, or just a peasant on the street.

Apart from the very necessities of a man, there exists a plethora of wants. Things that one can do without, but one chooses to demand.

But what if, we want what we want just because others seem to want it, or we are just jealous of people having it? What if our perception of what we want has been tarnished by our pre-conception of what a man should want?

What if one can do, without wanting anything at all. What if one is capable of refusing oneself from all of the worldly pleasures? What if one doesn't really want anything after all? What if wants are just illusory? That one desires nothing that others want, one only wants to be a good man. That's it, and nothing more. Nothing more.

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