Friday, 24 August 2012


The first time I had my first puff was when I was 13, tried it with a couple of my friends. Being a newbie, I had no idea how to smoke properly. One should close the lips while taking in the smoke and slowly release it by making a small opening on the lips.

I coughed for a while and didn't really like it back then. On my way back home, my head felt a little dizzy and I was a little high. Taking a corner down the slightly elevated hill, I sped up not realising that the motorcycle's brake was not really working properly. We smashed into some bushes and I was unconscious for a while, only to be awake when we were on our way to the clinic.

If I remember it correctly, that was the first and the only time that I had passed out. There were some blood coming out from my left ear and the doctor in charge decided to get the ambulance and send me to Kuala Terengganu General Hospital. I guessed he was afraid that my brain might be bleeding.

I was put in the emergency ward for one day, and sent to the plastic department to get my wound stictched. Fortunately, there was nothing serious and it turned out that, the blood came from some minor cuts in my inner ear. I was discharged from the hospital on the next day.

And that's how I always remember about the first time that I had smoked. :)

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