Monday, 9 July 2012


In the eyes of human, or in the eyes of God, things are not necessarily the same. For the things that one holds to be the most important, might as well be the very least regarded.

One wonders if the things have always been this way. If the opportunity to redraw one's life, will always be there when one desires.

One wonders if one really incapable of doing the things that one is scared to do. The right things, they are.

If and only if, one always say to oneself. But ifs do not change anything. One wonders if anyone does really understand what one has to say.

If there is something, somewhere that can make one understand more. If there is more to life than merely this.

If one could do things, why shouldn't one? If one is strong enough to bear with so much, why one is weak now?

Why is it as if, one has lost the purpose of life? As if this world means nothing, as if the God has created one for just nothing.

One does not know, nor does one sure if one should really care.

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