Monday, 2 July 2012

My All Time Favorites

Books Movies
1. Walden- Thoreau 1. V For Vendetta
2. The Problems of Philosophy- Bertrand Russel 2. Into The Wild
3. Breakdown of Will- George Ainslie 3. Forrest Gump

I read Walden when I feel I am in need of inspiration, I open the Breakdown of Will when I am utterly down and depressed. Bertrand Russels' book; a thin, very well-written introductory text to philosophy, in a simple laymen language.

Everytime I watch V For Vendetta, I will ponder upon the values of life, of how one ought to have a set of philosophical rules and opinions, how one should really fight for what one believes in, how justice will eventually prevail when one really strives until the end.

Into The Wild gives me the spirit to live freely, to experience whatever the world has to offer and learn from the nature. One ought not to be bogged down by excessive, unnecessary, irrelevant old rules. One ought to learn to live righteously.

Forrest Gump? Enough said, you know why I like it.

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