Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have a new goal to achieve; six pack abs in six months. I've been going to the gym since January, but there is yet to be any noticeable difference apart from a little less fat on the stomach, some vertical lines on my belly, two packs on the top, and a little biceps. By the way I can wear my skinny pants again! Hahaaha, I used to weigh 56kg when I was in the UK, and in the first month in Malaysia, I immediately gained 6kg, and could no longer wear many of my clothes.

I was 65.3kg on 7 May, and was 62.4kg on 11 June, at a height of 174cm. I don't have any aim for weight, but definitely wanna get rid of the extra fat layer around the waist.

To-do: No more carbonated drinks, drink more plain water, eat healthier food, and three times a week to the gym.

Impossible? Challenge accepted. :) Some people say skinny men can get 6 packs more easily as the body fat percentage is already low. Let's see if there is any truth in that claim.

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