Thursday, 21 June 2012


"The study of economics does not seem to require any specialized gifts of an usually high order. Is it not, intellectually regarded, a very easy subject compared with the higher branches of philosophy or pure science? An easy subject, at which very few excel! The paradox finds its explanation, perhaps, in that the master-economist must possess a rare combination of gifts. He must be a mathematician, historian, statesman, philosopher- in some degree. He must understand symbols and speak in words. He must contemplate the particulars in terms of the general, and touch abstract and concrete in the same flight of thought. He must study the present in the light of the past for the purposes of the future. No part of man's nature of his institutions must lie entirely outside his regard. He must be purposeful and disinterested in a simultaneous mood: as aloof and incorruptible as an artist, yet sometimes as near the earth as a politician"
- Keynes, quoted in "The Worldly Philosophers"

I am planning to start taking Certificate of Financial Analyst (CFA), a professional qualification for financial analyst, next year and finish all three levels within three years. After that, I'd like to pursue a masters degree in financial economics or behavioural economics preferably abroad, but most likely local, in University Malaya or International Islamic University of Malaysia. Four years afterwards would be spent to solidify my position in the company.

After 8 years, on 5 September 2019, I would finish my contract with this company and start looking for available position as an economist in Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan. I would love to work in New York!

For the time being, I need to spend a lot more time, reading philosophy, politics and history books, as well as revising the mathematics and statistics subjects that I had preposterously failed, back in university. 

God willing, I want to achieve this! :)

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