Saturday, 14 April 2012

Working Life

Now, life is a little busy as I also teach tuition a few times a week to earn some extra money. I am doing a lot of reading and analysis on economics and financial markets, sometimes I have to go out for briefing, meeting with department of statistics people and so forth. Once every two weeks or so, I give presentation to investment division on selected topics that I think would be interesting for them.

The challenge that I have right now is to simplify technical information and try making it more digestible to everyone.

For example, when I teach Maths for a PMR student, I found it incredibly challenging to try getting down to her level, and understand about how she feels about the topics taught. As most of the concepts have become so natural to me, I find it hard to get it, why they looked so difficult to her. Trying to see things from someone else's point of view is indeed challenging.

When I give presentation, I like to give eye contact to as many people in the room as possible. I learnt from "Lie To Me", how a tired or bored person looks and reacts to you. Sometimes it's a little funny, to analyse people that way. But it's fun though!

I had an experience when I just talked, and talked for more than half an hour and everyone was just sitting there with their bored faces. My slides were full of words, and data, with limited amount of pictures and interesting diagrams. Now the slides are as easy and simple as possible, with plenty of easy analogies and examples, and limited to about 20 minutes.

As I try to improve my presentation skills upon each successive trials, I must say, the experiments were quite fun. :)

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