Thursday, 1 March 2012

How To Create A Goldcard In Ubuntu Linux

Updated 1 March 2012

There is now an even easier method to create goldcard, by using a specialised android app.

1. Borrow your friends' android phone, and download "goldcard helper" in Android Market.
2. Put your sd card in that phone, open the app.
3. Send to your email.
4. Write the goldcard.img to the microSD card.
5. Go to and paste the reversed code and click submit.
6. Unmount your SD card
Go to System > Administration > Startup Disk Creator
Take note of the location of your SD card. In my case it's /dev/sdb1
7. Now create the goldcard by typing those lines in terminal

  • sudo dd bs=512 if=~/Downloads/goldcard.img of=/dev/sdb1
Anyway, if you haven't got another android phone, my previous guide is here

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