Saturday, 10 December 2011


Before the whole Arab Spring swept through the region, little did I know about Gaddafi, let alone Ben Ali and the likes of them. The primary sources of information came largely from what I read on the internet and what I see on the television. I find it interesting, that one has to usually rely upon somebody else for something that one is not entirely sure.

However, there's a problem of believing in what somebody else is informing us. How could we be so sure that they are telling us the truth, and are not involved in some conspiracy of malicious lies?

For example, I had a very bad perception of Gaddafi (my possibly biased conclusion might've been largely influenced by the media, more than anything else). Later on, some friends started to post some unknown facts about Gaddafi, on how nice he was, in developing his country, doing this and that, etc. My point is, there is no way I can make an unbiased conclusion upon him, just by reading and watching the news. I don't know the whole story, but having contacts with people who have first hand experience with the situation can help, in giving insight on what is really happening on the ground.


I try to avoid writing about other people, because little do I know about anything they are, really. Any conclusion, or judgment is bound to be largely bias and false.

Therefore, I write about myself, as it eliminates the error in making coherent observation. However, as I am moving even further towards being irrational, I wonder if that still holds true. I wonder if I can look upon myself, with a pair of clear eyes anymore.

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