Sunday, 11 December 2011


I started learning Japanese seriously when I was in my second year at university. There, I had intensive three hours weekly classes for a total of about 90 hours per year. After finishing my degree, I didn't really revise or study anything on my own, which was a shame really. It is quite a waste to see all of that, to just went through the drain.

I wanted to learn Japanese, because I was very interested in anime and manga, like One Piece, Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist. Not only that, I was very much a fan of Japanese tv series. But now that I don't really watch any kind of Japanese programs anymore, I wonder if I should really be devoting more of my time and continue learning the language.

I wonder if I'll be really using it. As for English, it's a no brainer case to put all-you-can-have resources to study it, but for Japanese, has it become obsolete perhaps? I've read somewhere that one of the signs that you've grown, is when you feel that you're too old for some stuffs that you used to like. I really despise the facts that I can no longer enjoy playing video games, anime, manga and those Japanese tv series. There's no more desire, hmmmm...

What a paradox, before when I was little, I had this hope that when I'm big enough, I'll buy all those game consoles and play all the games that I want. Ironically, now that I can afford to do so, the appetite is just not there. I have lost my childhood, and there is no way I can regain that.

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