Monday, 17 October 2011


There are many fascinating things in life, and there's a limited amount of time for us to enjoy it all. Therefore we'll have to carefully choose our priority over other possible options. In the class today, I recalled it was quite interesting how the trainer told us to look into our origin, our background to actually find what is our true-self. I find it rather disheartening, to think that things will be as simple as that. I reckon, being a false-self is not necessarily a bad thing after all, as in reality, many people are rarely being truthful even to themselves. I for one, certainly am a hypocrite, judge me if you want (I couldn't care less).

On an extremely hypothetical scale, imagine a true-self of a man who is a killer. Should he rather try to follow his guts feelings, or do the right thing, although it goes against his "nature"? A lie, which conceals the "wrongs" and reveals the "rights", wouldn't that be a better alternative than a blatantly truthful act, however honest yet seemingly only capable to produce dumb results? Even the definition of "right" and "wrong" is very problematic, let alone the meaning of "success", thereupon how do you look at it, really?

For many people, being successful is often considered on monetary perspectives alone, for minority others, they rather lurk upon happiness, peace of mind, religion, philosophy etc. I think it is very misleading and unethical to simply subject ourselves to what the "significant others" sworn their lives on. Why can't you rather be a man of your own integrity? Why can't you be someone who think for your own cause? Why can't you try to be rather more flexible in creating definition of so many things? Indeed, why are you so afraid of being different, in any sense really?

Being different does not necessarily mean that you're wrong, it's just that you're uniquely one of a kind, perhaps. 

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