Tuesday, 13 September 2011


If I were to get married one day, I’d love to have a wife who is crazy about philosophy just like I do. There are gonna be endless of things that we can talk together, under the stars, at the beach, on the field, everywhere. We can just talk about anything that we want, without any of us even understanding what we have been uttering, and sit hours & hours, arguing and debating about philosophical questions.

I don’t do relationships for the sake of just being girlfriend & boyfriend, for me at this age of 22, the aim is for marriage.

It’s just that now, I am being too overly cautious and afraid of rejection. I believe she’s been giving signals to me, but what if I am wrong? What if it is not what I thought it is? Wouldn’t it be shameful then?

But, if she’s here for me, why am I letting the opportunity go? Not many girls like philosophy, she’s the only one that I’ve found so far, and I really enjoyed the time that I spent with her. 

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