Thursday, 29 September 2011


There’s a reason behind everything, just like there’s a real tree standing behind its shadow. Philosophy deals with questions which are exceedingly ambiguous, unclear, and painstakingly difficult to reason and debate with logics or empirics.

There’s a reason why I love to pose all kind of questions, even if there seems to be no answer for them, there’s a reason why I’m devoting myself to philosophy. Frankly because, there’s no solution to the problem that I’ve been facing, no satisfying answer that anything or anyone can readily give, and plenty of times it have made me suicidal.

Therefore, I shall be content with questioning everything even if the sight of answer is nowhere to be seen, even if there’s no hope in finding any resolution, as a philosopher must remain firm in finding his “absolute truth”.

I shall refuse to acknowledge the weakness of the heart to any other, and I shall not believe in their false promises, nor the word from their mouths, nor the expression from their faces. I shall remain a lunatic skeptic, for the many years to come. I don’t think you understand me, but that’s very fine.

Learning philosophy, hitherto I’ve achieved a peace of mind that; it is indeed okay to not have answers to the questions, or explanations for the very many queries, or even drugs for any kind of sicknesses. It’s okay.  

"A scientific man ought to have no wishes, no affections,- a mere heart of stone"~ Charles Darwin

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