Sunday, 18 September 2011


A rational man, from the economics point of view, would always want to maximise his utility at all times. However by doing so, he might not take into consideration, about the sentiment of morality, cultures and religions. As therefore, it is often wise in my opinion, to not get too much of the apparent pleasures like money, etc.

It is very clear, that we can only be sure of our own opinions and views on life. However, it is indeed possible to imply about the thoughts of other people, by translating their “signals" into our own "language”. However, the unfortunate cases of being “lost in translation" may happen so often, consequently, the likelihood to be wrong is so great that, it is perhaps even very wise, to think that we may be wrong most of the time.

What we write, primarily comes from our own conclusions; the world that we see, touch, smell and think about. Thereupon, it is of pertinent importance, that what I write here, is bound to be full with erroneous assumptions and mistakes in making conclusion, of which I take full responsibility. Thus, I beg you to avoid being such a judgmental reader.

Let us now look at a simple example; in a situation where I have a laptop connected to the internet, and a kindle full of my favourite books, I can almost be absolutely sure that I will choose the laptop over the latter. But when, I’ve got nothing to do, inevitably I yearn so much for my kindle, but why the great irregularities and irrationalities in the formation of desires and wants? Why can’t I be more consistent in making choices, especially when the costs and benefits, are awfully clear and apparent to all?

This is what I loathe about having too much of the “good things”, as it tends to degenerate the value of the much rather, better stuffs, like reading something that can actually provoke and enrich my intellectuality. Oh well…

The good thing that I can see, is that I feel no shame at all, in being highly critical and vocal about my own weaknesses, in making all the very many mistakes, as I only see them to be the stepping stones towards reaching a much “better me" in the future; well, in whatever ways that it is supposed to mean.

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