Wednesday, 17 August 2011


When I planned on my ten days solo journey throughout Dover, Calais, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam, I was not sure, myself on what to expect about things that I will learn along the way. From the travel blogs that I had been reading, Chris McCandless account of his trip to find "himself" across the North America, a few things that I was utterly sure of were that; there were going to be something new that I will encounter along the way, someone new that I will meet with some interesting perspectives on lives that I might have not come to know, if not for that ten days.

In my first successful hitch-hiking ride from Calais to the entrance of a French motorway. I was picked up by Olivier, the kind gentleman who stopped, and brought me 15 km further the road. I later complained to him, on how I had left my SD card inside my laptop at home, and therefore rendered the camera that I brought with me, useless.

I planned to document my travel by writing a journal, to be complemented with some pictures of the nice hosts, and drivers who were completely strangers, and yet had the mercy to give help to another stranger like me. Then Olivier said to me, that it's okay even if I can't take the pictures of him then, as we may always have the picture in "here", pointing to his head.

Talking about memory, we don't completely remember everything that occurs 24/7 around us. Our brain only captures several snapshots, which are deemed to be worthwhile for storage in our long term memory, the rest of the them are bound to slowly fade away.

But, things that we can't remember, are possible to be stored in the form of writings and pictures. 20 years later, we can still look at them and see how such & such things had happened to us. There is beauty in everything, but we can only appreciate it, when the memory is still in "there", somewhere maybe.

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