Thursday, 14 July 2011


What is it?

Everytime I sit, and try to write something down. Then, halfway I stop and think, nope this is just too personal, or too tacky/cheesy for people to read it.

I reckon people write for two things, first you write to let others read. Secondly, you write just for the sake of writing, just because you love it. You don't care whether people like it, or loathe it. You practice your writings so that someday, you can write a book or something. You can write for both purposes, or just either one of them.

This is my blog, I should feel comfortable writing about stuffs that I think and wonder all day. I shouldn't be censoring my thoughts because of what others think. I should be thinking free, and acting free. Only perhaps to be bounded by the philosophy that I have sworn my life upon.

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