Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Over 10 days of my solo travel in Europe, there are many new things that I’ve now known, met different kind of strangers, and being stranded in peculiar situations, all on my own. Alone, meaning more time for me to reflect on everything that I can see, hear and think.

It was only ten days, but it was something. I was deeply impressed with Merijn, a Dutch university student which hosted me in Amsterdam. Having a proper job that can easily pay €1000 a month, living in a decent studio apartment in central area of the city, I think that is quite an achievement for a 19 year old guy. I saw how he worked during the three days, and talked about his current and future projects over breakfast and dinner, I saw an immense potential within a very creative individual. Therefore I am very ashamed that I do not have anything as great as that. He said, perhaps I have yet to find my own “thing”, perhaps I just don’t know yet what I will be in the future.

I am still not financially independent, and have nothing that can really be proud of. Some people says that anything needs 10, 000 hours for us to be really good at it. If I start now and spend two hours a day for it, then by the time I am 35, I might have achieved something. It is very long term plan; 13 years and I can easily fall back on my knees, along the treacherous way.

It is indeed okay to be wrong, it is absolutely alright to do wrong, so long as I learn something from them. Just try, do and experiment with the life that I’ve got, whatever comes in the way…

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