Monday, 27 June 2011

Definition Of Acceptance

I’ve never really understood what I do or think. Many times I’m trying to put things into just the two camps of being rational or irrational. I was indeed irrational plenty of the times in the past, and I’m trying hard to change and be more rational. But the problems with any concept or philosophy is that, what defines them? Who says and chooses what is and what isn’t?

Many things are just not exact and not concrete, they are very complex. Feelings and thoughts are some of those. How do you quantify, or measure them? You simply can’t. How do you form your own definition of what is acceptable? Whose rules should be followed? To what, your -isms should be based upon? Religious and cultural values? Which social norms are the right ones to follow? What is indeed “right” and “wrong”?

I’ve been realising over the time, I tend to redefine how I see so many things in my life, when I start changing something, moving in a new atmosphere, being with new people. It as if, what defines you, is not yourself but rather those around you.

I’m glad to be able to change, but is it really? Am I still faking it, or is it really happening now? If the former then I’m all over the moon, if the latter then fml.

Human evolve, social norms evolve, everything is..then where is the benchmark? Where is it? What is right? What is wrong?

I don’t know….

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